Mutilate the Doll 3 Game

How to Make Physics More Terrifying in Mutilate a Doll 3

Mutilate the Doll 3 Game

Behaviours are Important

Two basic things will certainly turn Mutilate a Doll 3 into a massively fun game: basic behavior and responses. Make it sit, stand, walk, hold items, hang on to ledges, curl up in a corner -preset actions or behaviors would be something that you will want your ragdoll to perform. Sure, it does take the initial raggy-ness out of it all, but that's just before you unleash your weapons of destruction. Then it goes back to our favorite smash-the-corpse simulator routine. This also makes it more of an interactive thrill, trying to see if you can time an explosion right as the doll walks over a certain area, of see how low you need to swing a sword to behead a target that's crouching on the floor.

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Responses are also cool, even in the form of small emoticons or text blurbs. Obviously, over-humanizing the target may make the game feel a little too brutal, but just the right amount of it (and being able to edit the text content too) keeps everything under the mentally healthy category of cartoon based violence (kind of like Worms). The best part is that we can visualize the concept of having several rag dolls moving about on their own -and then seeing how well we can aim a rocket launcher by taking out as many as we can with a single shot.

Elaborate Setups and Better Environments

While the previous game had a ton of control options and nearly unlimited item spawns, it was still a little too clunky. Setting up and elaborate kill machine was mostly out of the question. This means that the next game in the series needs to make spawning items all the more easier. Applying a basic grid system will make arranging things so much easier as you can snap objects into position. The reason for this is that it would be interesting to set up new kinds of environments, high cliffs, offices with windows, and other places with either elevation or expansion in lateral directions.

It would be great to see what would happen if the rag doll gets smacked by a baseball bat and then out of the window. Or if you dump one into a pool of water and then pour burning fuel on it. There are plenty of new content to be added, the only thing we need is a way to get it all done.

While these kinds of improvements will certainly mean that the game should get bigger -why not? There are plenty of ways for Mutilate a Doll to expand. As it is, there are already stages with larger-than-the-screen real estate. So why not take it a little further. How about the chamber of a collider? Or the launch pad of a space rocket? Incinerators, junk yard compactors, and other obviously dangerous locales would certainly be a welcome sight.

Moving Objects and More Information

There are plenty of things in this world that move on their own: cars, heavy machinery, elevators, airplanes, and more. Being able to add them into the scenario and then subjecting the rag doll to the craziness would certainly be fun. Want to see how fast a car should go before your ragdoll can burst out of the windshield? Or how about changing the car's windshield into ultra-strength transparent steel and watch the ragdoll's head get atomized when it smashes forward at breakneck speeds.

And speaking of breakneck speeds, what is a break neck speed? This is something that the ragdoll should be able to tell you: the injuries it sustains. Damaged spines, broken bones, burned skin -there should be a log or running tally of the amount of damage you are creating, and best of all, with a system like this, you can make a game out of torturing the ragdoll just enough to inflict massive pain, but not too much that you accidentally kill it.

It may seem a little too malicious or cruel, but the beauty of all of this is that it is all a game. And being able to focus such tendencies into a virtual doll instead of a real life target would always be the more acceptable outcome. If Mutilate a Doll 3 gets advanced enough, it may be enough to curb the otherwise destructive natures of certain individuals.