Mutilate the Doll 2

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A Closer Look at Mutilate The Doll 2

There are plenty of interesting ragdoll simulators out there, but few manage the straddle the fine line between providing players with a ton of options and still managing to be very easy and straightforward to use. This is why Mutilate The Doll 2 manages to be very impressive -it does both, and then some. Players are very much encouraged to explore the game's very deep menus in order to find and make use of a variety of objects, weapons, and other interesting details that will make your ragdoll mutilation a very interesting experience.

Start Off Simple

Obviously, the game gives you access to various conventional weapons such as melee blades and firearms. There are standard modern weapons like the AK-47, miniguns, sniper rifles, stinger submachine guns, combat shotguns, Desert Eagles, LMG's, shotguns and more. These can be spawned and by choosing the trigger cursor, you can use them to shoot. Regular guns are not the only thing you will find, there are also options for a blunderbuss, flintlocks, sawed off shotguns, muskets, pepperbox pistols, and other assorted firearms from different periods of history. This means that shooting down your ragdoll target does not need to be limited to conventional weaponry. You can even open up a separate list of guns that have explosive ordinance such as the Fat Man, Noisy Cricket, RPG launchers, tank turrets and others.

If bullets are not your thing, then you might prefer to go at it with melee weaponry. There are blunt weapons, hammers, knives, greatswords, axes, swords, and more -each a huge category of its own with plenty of choices. Many of the great swords pay homage to video game items -particularly from Final Fantasy and other major titles. When combined with the launch or drag swing cursors, you can use these weapons to great effect.

Our favorite items from the weapon types are the ones that do not exist in real life. The unconventional guns and elemental categories host a wide range of completely fictional items ranging from magical staves to laser guns. Needless to say, trying them all out to see how they affect the ragdoll is an absolute blast (figuratively and literally speaking).

Everything Goes in the Wood Chipper

The items do not just stop with the weapons, you also get access to more mundane things like tables, crates, baskets, bags, and all sorts of other everyday items -then you get to mash them all together in a crazy Rube Goldberg style sequence all for your ragdoll(s) to enjoy. It does take a bit of effort and some tinkering around with the different options just to get everything set right (like learning how to bind objects to one another and trigger switches), but once you figure out the basics of attaching stuff and making things interact, this game becomes even more fun to play.

The best part about the library is that it is so expansive that it will take you weeks just trying everything out -and when you do manage to finish that, there is still the option to add your own items to the mix.

See the World

Of course, it is not all about the items you can spawn -ragdoll simulators are naturally about the doll. Mutilate The Doll 2 lets you set all the parameters. This ranges from basic things like the color, to more intricate details like how it reacts to gravity and even its vulnerability or resistances to different types of damage. We love the fact that you can actually try to make the doll more invincible (or go the opposite route and make it super brittle or even combustible) as this opens up a wide range of possible combinations with various types of weapons and environments.

The background in this game does more than provide a border, it can also have its own unique traits. There is a desert, forest, snow, volcano themes and more - all you need to do is try to see which one would best satisfy your craving at the moment. You can also change the wind, gravity, and other location related details in the menus, which means that not only will you be testing the ragdoll with various objects, but also with its surroundings.

Another amazing feature of the game is the inclusion of powers -these special effects are directly tied to your cursor instead of the object or environment. With a click, you can conjure electricity, gravitation, poison, radioactivity, and more. It is a great way to see how many different elemental attributes can affect the ragdoll and objects that you spawn.

A Hard Act to Follow

Mutilate The Doll 2 is obviously made for folks who have a keen sense of appreciation in the realm of experimentation and trial and error. And while the system is streamlined and full of interesting options, there are still points where it the physics goes a little awry. Still, with a bit of patience and time, players can easily master the art of putting lots of stuff together in a single screen in order to execute a single grand stroke of chaos -and that, is exactly what makes this game so worth the time to play.