Mutilate the Doll 2

Mutilate the Doll 2 Game

Ragdoll simulator Mutilate a Doll 2 takes the whole physics simulation to a whole new level with very extensive simulation options, hundreds of items, customizable options, and even custom skin settings. If you wanted a great ragdoll sim game, you cannot get any better than this. Explosives, swords, environmental hazards, technology, magic, and even the kitchen sink are all at your disposal as you lay waste upon the hapless ragdoll before you. And if playing around with just one ragdoll is not enough, this game even lets you spawn multitudes of them.

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Mutilate the Doll 3

Mutilate the Doll 3 Game

Mutilate the Doll 2 has gone to great lengths to show us that physics and torture really does go hand in hand when it comes to unleashing unholy amounts of pain on rag dolls. But with all the powers and customizations that the game provides, what else can be added? How else can we further inflict pain and destruction on these rag dolls? Well, we have a few good ideas on what can possibly further improve the experience in our favorite murder simulators, and if you are just as hungry as we are for bringing out the mayhem, then you will certainly want to read on.

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Mutilate the Doll 1

Mutilate the Doll 1 Game

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Ragdoll Achievement

Ragdoll Achievement Game

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Ragdoll Achievement 2

Ragdoll Achievement 2 Game

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Flakboy 2

Flakboy 2 Game

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Torture Game 2

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Play Mutilate the Doll Games online and choose various weapons to produce the ultimate mutilation of your poor ragdoll.